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Staring at a blank canvas is intimidating.  It’s like creating your MySpace profile way back in 2005- You caved and got one like the rest of your friends, now what?  Open it up and it’s this blank, vacuous parcel of cyberspace awaiting your footprint.  Eesh. How do you present yourself- or, as is the case […]

“Diptych” is a fancy little term I learned in art school.  Making a diptych is a surefire way to give your painting a catchy title like mine below.  Sounds artsy right? I was srsly stoked to create this piece- the first I’d made since my son had been born in late 2008.  I actually started […]

When I lived in Albuquerque, I visited my grandparents in El Paso every Thanksgiving.  My trips there inspired these paintings: This is a picture of the Franklin Mountains that border EP to the North and West.  I could leave my grandparents front porch, walk up the street past the rosemary bushes, Bouganvillia and orange trees […]