Fond memories…


I came to a realization today. I live in a freaking hippytown, and I don’t mean that in the derogatory sense…I mean that in the sense that that’s awesome.

Living in a hippy town inclines a person to hippiedom. Por ejemplo, I woke up today and instead of stewing about the house, I went for a walk along the lake. You can do that in a hippytown. There’s more. From the lake in the hippytown, you can walk to the library and use the hippy community library internet computers. It’s so rad. And so free. Who needs money when you live in a hippytown?

When you live in a hippytown, you might want money to go across the street from the library to the health food store. You can ask the owner about the new hippy vitamins and find some green tea soda to go with your vegan mock-tuna sandwich. That’s how I do in hippytown. You really have to take advantage of what’s available to you in a hippytown. If you don’t you won’t realize that you live in one and it will seem normal and dull. This is not something that you want in a place to live. NOT a good look . You want to live in a hippytown. You just don’t know it.

In a hippytown you will run into your hippy friend yoga instructors from the townie yoga studio. They will give you smelly hugs. You marvel at their dreadlocks and briefly entertain the idea of styling some for yourself, then you dismiss it. Maybe you’re just a transient.

Speaking of the local townie yoga studio, it is pretty, with nice hardwood floors hewn from tree trunks. There are lots of soft purple curtains. It is right next to the best Christian coffee shop, and you will hang out there even though you’re not Christian, because you feel wonderful and accepting in a hippytown. Maybe you take a Reiki class or a Kundalini yoga lesson. You can do hella weird sh*t here.

I love my hippytown. It feeds me, and it’s in Jersey. There is something oh-so-wrong about that, but I’ll bury my doubts for now in texturized veg-eat-able protein. Compton, Longbeach, Collingswood.


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  1. 1 waifeylove

    Gotta post pics!

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