The Diptych, being naked and Stingyness…

“Diptych” is a fancy little term I learned in art school.  Making a diptych is a surefire way to give your painting a catchy title like mine below.  Sounds artsy right? I was srsly stoked to create this piece- the first I’d made since my son had been born in late 2008.  I actually started it while I was pregnant since I know I need to push myself to create and so I wouldn’t lose myself in the process of creating another being.  Turned out pretty good (baby and painting alike).

Tierra I, diptych, 1'x2'. Acrylic on canvas: 2008.

When I started this, it was summer and I was about a gajillion months preggo, or felt like it anyways.  My belly was SUPER HUGE!  I’d stand out in my concrete backyard in south Philly, looking up at a little scrap of sky between power lines, staring down at these two little blank canvases and brewing sun tea, a bit lost as where to begin.  Often I’d paint naked with my huge belly hanging out, as there were no windows facing our enclosure.  Since we were in the city, it was all I could do to get out and get some sun on my skin.  I was full and comfortable- so, Tierra 1: Diptych was born.  It looks even better in person.

I finished it around Christmastime last year and wanted to give it as a present, but couldn’t part with it after it was done.  I love it, plain & simple.  Who me, egotistic?


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