El Paso- path to the North


When I lived in Albuquerque, I visited my grandparents in El Paso every Thanksgiving.  My trips there inspired these paintings:

El Paso del Norte I.  Acrylic on panel, 2002.

El Paso del Norte I.

This is a picture of the Franklin Mountains that border EP to the North and West.  I could leave my grandparents front porch, walk up the street past the rosemary bushes, Bouganvillia and orange trees and up into these mountains.  From up there you can see hazily across the border to Juarez y Las Colonias.  The mountains on the other side read, in whitewashed rock letters, “LA BIBLIA ES LA VERDAD LEELA”.  I have no idea who Leela is, but it’s a cool vista.  Makes my heart swell with orgulla chicana.

This next one is El Paso del Norte II.  It gives you an intimate feeling of El Paso at the ground level:

El Paso del Norte II.  Acrylic on Panel, 2002.


What is it like to tend your beautiful garden of Lantana and Bouganvillia? What are the smells and the view across the street to your neighbors, who are busy warming tamales y menudo for almuerzo?

I made this painting from a photo I took in my grandparents backyard.  That’s Angelito’s T-bird under the tarp in the driveway.

I’m reminded of these visits- the last one was during Thanksgiving in 2005, and would like to commemorate their passing:

In Memory of Angel and Dolores Rojas- 2009 and 2008 respectively.


One Response to “El Paso- path to the North”

  1. 1 Nicole

    Bless your heart, this is so touching! Your words and creativity make this come alive, you can literally touch taste and smell your work!!! Thank you for sharing, You have no idea how much this inspires me! *Big Warm Hugs*

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