Every good nerd girl should have this staple in their closet: a fine knit V-neck cardigan like this one from H&M:

They wear great over camis and tank tops and come in nice bold colors.  I’ve had one for seven years and it still looks pretty much the same as when I purchased it.  Not bad for $20! Link –> http://www.hm.com/us/product/06981?article=06981-C

I've had two of these wardrobe workhorses, one for 7 years- they wash and wear great!

I’ve had two of these wardrobe workhorses, one for 7 years- they wash and wear great!

Excuse me, I believe my stapler... My style stapler!!

Excuse me, I believe you have my stapler… My style stapler!!


Cirrus Cloud


Today I was driving down backroads, and, between the sun and I, the universe placed a cirrus cloud so perfect that I had to write about it wrote about it. It reflected the sunlight in that perfect way that shoots an icy rainbow up through the body of the cloud that it becomes a catalyst for all sorts of creative and inspired thinking. So here we are. 🙂




I went citywalking today in the flinty cold. Feel at home as i stride from Bainbridge to Chestnut, scarved from cheekbone to collarbone . The din of commerce lured me from my warm den into vinyl slick storefronts that gleamed cash money and begged for my hard earned tender. It was too much to resist. I give into you continually and you shall have what you want, all for the promise of looking, being, feeling. You make an art of the most original form of magic- beauty, and I am your honest disciple. There in the streets as my gentle reward- powdery snowflakes, and all green lights on my footpath home. Love you Philadelphia.



I’m sitting in my room.  It’s late and I’m surrounded by a cocoon of soft white screen glare.  I finally chose to get healed.  it’s been hard letting go of the anger, but I did it.  I’m not mad at you, or me, or you either.  I can close my eyes and be happy with myself, imagine my life with without you and not feel sad.  I’m closing a door and opening another.

I close my eyes and see myself with the big belly I would have had and don’t feel negatively.  I don’t feel I’m being punished.  I don’t feel fat.  I feel whole, vibrant, full of potential.. Just because there is potential doesn’t mean it needs to be fulfilled, but maybe just merely acknowledged.

In my vision, I am tan and sitting cross-legged in underwear and fluffy socks.  My belly is warm and firm and I feel like an ancient figure.  Perfusing, breathing, emanating- you are all of those things and I am still and whole.  I am not sad.  I’m not afraid.  If it happens again, it will be because I chose it.

I won’t fear growing older. I won’t fear what will happen to my body, because I know in this moment I am perfect.  Time is a circle, and I’ve learned this much- what goes around comes back around.  I will see you again.

**painting to follow**

La Virgen


Este es La Virgen de Guadalupe, con safos. La llevo conmigo por dondequiera que viajarme. Pintado con mucho amor, en memoria de mí abuelita, Dolores Pauline Rojas.

Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, 2003. Acrylic on masonite, 11.5"x16".

Guidance, 2010.


It’s been 9 months since I’ve painted. Here’s the fruit, inspired by taking my son to the park in the summer. I am mother hear me rooooaar.  I’ll write more post-caffeination…enjoy + toodles :)!

Guidance, 2010. Acrylic on canvas, 2'x2'.

cane season


This time of year is so fresh, so rife with clouds and change. As a school child, I loathed it. The ominously close, turbulent skies and intermittent sunshine signified a darkening in my soul that came with going back to school. I vividly remember sitting on the schoolbus and lamenting the drizzle and cloudcover. Flash forward 25 years and I’m remiss to loathe anything about it. With a little understanding, this time of year just feels good.

On the Atlantic coast, June through November marks what is known to it’s inhabitants and weather enthusiasts as hurricane season. The weather patterns don’t usually pick up strength until August, when rapidly warming ocean temps clash with dominant air pressure cells to generate to telltale soupy grey skies and winds that hang low over land. Far from the ocean, this type of weather feels like punishment. Less than 200 miles East, it’s very, very different.

From now until the ocean water grows cold in late fall, tropical depressions and super low pressure systems will bring dependable surf to our coast. There is no strong, reliable surf without the turmoil and grey skies of August and September. It wasn’t until my roaring 20s that I discovered this secret that turns my beloved Jersey Shore, the object of ridicule by many, into a bona fide Private Idaho, Shangri-la, mini mecca, or any other reverant name you can attach to a place. These fluctuations in bariatric pressure cause the waves to built into organized swells, with specific velocities, wave heights, and currents, that when the conditions are right, create surfable New Jersey shorelines.

I’ve been out in hurricanes with waves of 10-15′ and there is nothing on the planet that makes me feel more alive. I look back fondly on the days when I was surfing Ocean City with “Hamburger”, pounded by beach break, paddled out and felt what it was like to be your own ocean-going vessel.  I knew right then a 9-5 job would never do.  I need the freedom to drive out to catch a swell, regardless of what day of the week it is, or how far away.  I wait for the day when my son is old enough to join me in the water. Until then, yearly hurricane season sabbaticals with have to tide me over.

6'2" Lost fish